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Paul Harris Fellowship Award

The Paul Harris Fellowship is named for Paul Harris, who founded Rotary with three business associates in Chicago in 1905. The Fellowship was established in his honor in 1957 to express appreciation for a contribution of $1000.00 US to the humanitarian and educational programs of The Rotary Foundation. Those programs include an array of projects that save and invigorate the lives of people around the world and enhance international friendship and understanding. Foundation Programs provide educational opportunities, food, potable water, health care, immunizations and shelter for millions of persons. These activities are funded, implemented and managed by Rotarians and Rotary clubs around the globe. Rotarians also designate a Paul Harris Fellow to recognize another person whose life demonstrates a shared purpose with the objectives and mission of The Rotary Foundation to build world understanding and peace.

Our Rotary Club has made a contribution of $1000.00 US to The Rotary Foundation in the name of tonight's Paul Harris Fellow. Heather McNeil, you were selected to receive this recognition because Our Rotary Club believes that your life exemplifies the humanitarian and educational objectives of the Rotary Foundation. We thank you for demonstrating in your life and vocation a commitment to helping persons in need here and around the world.

Heather is a True Rotarian, she is very dedicated to her Club and Community, she gives 110% to everything she does, she works tirelessly on all club projects and assists with all committee work, she is always available to help in any way she can. Heather exudes energy and excitement in everything she does she is
truly a breath of fresh air.


Therefore it gives me great pleasure to present to you on behalf of the Trustees of The Rotary Foundation, the two emblems of a Paul Harris Fellow: “in appreciation of tangible and significant assistance given for the furtherance of better understanding and friendly relations between peoples of the world.” We urge you to wear the Paul Harris Fellow pin to all Rotary events, as a symbol of your appreciation for and support of the programs of The Rotary Foundation.

Please accept congratulations and sincere appreciation for your commitment to our common goals of world understanding and peace. We move closer to a more peaceful world today as Heather McNeil becomes a Paul Harris Fellow.

Ladies and gentlemen, please congratulate and recognize the newest Paul Harris Fellow, President, Heather McNeil.

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